Account Management

 "Our only and vested interest is to preserve and build the assets of our clients."

Kane Investment Management, Inc. (KIMI) actively manages investment portfolios for preservation of principal and conservative growth, consistent with each client's investment suitability, risk tolerance, and the performance of the S&P 500 Index. We are managers, advocates for your success.  It has been this way for thirty-nine years.

KIMI is independent.  We do not work for any brokerage house, mutual fund, or bank. We have no quotas, we do not make markets, and we do not report to anyone other than our clients. Our only interest is the client's satisfaction and the hope for long-term relationships.

To begin, the client and KIMI file a "Limited Power of Attorney" with the brokerage firm. This allows us to make all buy/sell decisions, but also totally prohibits us from making any unauthorized withdrawals.

KIMI provides outstanding performance and service; performance as in we work to achieve monetary goals and service as in we handle all account adminsitration and activity. We provide crystal clear and comprehensive reports quarterly, or upon request.

Most importantly and consistent with its commitment to remain a true management service, KIMI does not charge or otherwise receive commissions.  We do not charge set-up fees, miscellaneous fees or any other "hidden" fees.  Rather, we serve you with no conflict of interest as we charge a quarterly fee based on a percentage of the client's Net Asset Value assigned to us for management.  

Please see our regular quarterly fee schedule for details. (Performance based program for qualified clients may incur additional fees.  Please contact KIMI for details on this program).  

Kane Investment Management, Inc. provides a  full range of financial services and manages all types of accounts for individuals, families, and small businesses. 

Individual and Family Investment Services Include:

• Cash & Margin Account Management

• IRA Accounts and Rollovers

• SEP-IRA and ROTH Accounts

• 401(k), 403(b), and 401(a) Accounts

• Trust Accounts

• Custodial Accounts

• Complimentary Account Analysis


~Kane Investment Management, Inc. grows only as its clients grow.~