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Kane Investment Management, Inc. Investment Services Include:


Many clients need or want to “get it all in one place.”  These clients want comprehensive asset management so they can easily track the exact value of their assets, the exact location of their assets, and the exact performance of their assets e.g. net cost basis, yield, dividends since purchase, growth, and tax consequence.  KIMI researches and organizes the shoeboxes, dusty files, convoluted brokerage statements, strayed bankbooks, and Great Aunt Mary's silver certificates.  Asset values and histories are then clearly presented on our Summary Charts, Spreadsheets and Position Performance Summaries.  Using these tools, an accurate cost basis and a real total return are established. 



KIMI assesses the value of individual assets and also looks closely at the “risk and return” aspect of each asset; i.e., the suitability of the asset for the client.  In addition, for incoming accounts, we research who bought it, when they bought it, and why they bought it.  KIMI has had a high incidence of inquiries from people whose accounts have been hurt by sell/buy solicitations during roller-coaster markets, unanticipated interest rate increases/decreases, and/or simply ill advised speculation.  KIMI evaluates the account and alters the allocation of assets, if necessary, to provide greater safety and stability and to increase the likelihood of achieving desired goals.



Using a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA), KIMI places buy and sell orders with the broker on behalf of the client. When determining which securities are purchased and for whom, KIMI carefully considers the investment suitability and risk tolerance of each individual client. In addition, KIMI uses a manual comprehensive “stop system” to minimize losses in a down market and maximize profits in an up market.



KIMI maintains continued vigilance over each individual account.  Daily closing prices and changes are documented.  Weekly, monthly and annual trends and key indicators are monitored.  Monthly net worth and dividends are recorded on KIMI's “client-friendly” Summary Charts and each account is audited.  At any time, clients can find out exactly where they stand simply by giving us a call.


More importantly, and consistent with our unwavering commitment to remain a true management service, Kane Investment Management, Inc. never charges or otherwise receives commissions.  Rather, we only charge a quarterly fee, based upon a percentage of the client's Net Asset Value specifically assigned to us for management (on average, about 0.35% quarterly, see our quarterly Schedule of Fees for details.  Our only and vested interest is to preserve and build the assets of our clients.


~ Let us captain your investments through dark and stormy seas. ~